With over 20 years International Escort experience, Agency Atlantic can help you with all facets of your Escort Business

What are the services offered by Agency Atlantic?

  • Administration services
  • Digital Services
  • Websites – creation and maintenance
  • SEO – With many years experience in the Escort niche we work with individual escorts, Agencies and Escort Directories
  • Social Media Management
  • Escort Brand Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Tour Management both in Australia and Internationally

Agency Atlantic was formerly an International Escort Agency (closed October 2018)  and has changed the we offer services in line with Industry changes

We offer business to business services. Allowing professional outsourcing to a reputable, hardworking and reliable team

We liken our pricing structure to a ‘pick and mix’; you pay for what you need and don’t pay for things you don’t want or require.  We work with your existing escort brand or if you are a new lady or need a new direction, we can create a totally new brand tailored to you

Feel free to get in touch for a confidential chat and lets get started on taking your Escort Business to the next level