Australian Escort Ads

I was writing a lot on about Australian Escort Ads and International Escort Advertising since the closure of Backpage

The past year has been tough for everyone and quite confusing with the closure of many advertising sites due to the SESTA/FOSTA laws

Some sites have truly taken advantage of the situation that created and have raised their rates. Less competition means we need them more than ever before… its quite sad 🙁

The list on this page is the main Escort Ads sites in Australia.  I will be adding to it as more of the new sites start to gain traction

Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are all free but these can be a big drain on your time and not necessarily bring in much in the way of clients but a good place to network and see what others are doing with their marketing.

I created a great blog at the start of 2019 which lists a few automation tools + other web tools to help you with your online presence

Twitter can be a cesspool and has a lot of cat fights, I personally find twitter is best to watch but never participate

Australian Escort Ads – Free

These sites all have paid options to give your ads more visibility. Top placements and things like that

This is a great little site, I am not sure why its not more prominent & everyone isn’t on it? Its easy to use with free & paid listings, good customer service and social media posts.

Started late 2017, european owned, easy to use and ranks well on search engines. Free and paid options available

Started late 2017, european owned, easy to use and ranks well on search engines. Free and paid options available

Not a well known site in Australia but the naughty networks sites are excellent and easy to use + foreign gents will probably use them overseas so may take a look at Australia too

European owned and not used much in Australia but it very easy to use with free listings. Don’t add a whatsapp number or you will be inundated with timewasters

New Site that was created in April 2018 and rode a popularity wave for a month or 2 but it seems to have fizzled out.  Its a cute site with friendly management. Its easy to sign up for and use

Paid Escort Ads

These are sites I have advertised with & had good results

My Personal Favourite! Excellent site with helpful and friendly staff and zero tolerance for dishonest advertising.  If you are an independent escort who doesn’t want to be on a site filled with managed ladies (fake privates) then Available Angels is a great choice.  Available Angels is also my personal fave site in Australia for design. Google likes mobile first and the site is pretty on mobile + fast (important for google SEO)

I love that Available Angels constantly innovate with cool features and fun imagery.  The owner Eden is lovely too!

Made by a SW for other SWers with some cool and innovative features, Available Angels isn’t greedy so you won’t see them charge or try to sell you crap you don’t need like some of the other greedy b*stards directories (not naming names but everyone knows who they are lol) 

can be a great place to get yourself notice and membership was free but now there is a small montly fee to be a member (started July 1 2018) Some SWers hate the site but then no site is perfect for everyone

I personally have used Punterplanet for years and found it excellent. I have always had great clients off PP too, many do not review or like the review culture but they do read the forum much like me, to learn

I use paid advertising on PP and have done since we started in Australia in 2013.  As there is a lack of agency advertising options in Australia PP was one of the only ones that allowed us to advertise honestly.  Andy who runs PP in always helpful and I have personally found him great

You can post free ads but the paid ones work better and they aren’t expensive

Escorts and Babes

Lovely admin staff.  Cost to advertise is quite low and its position number 1 on google for a lot of keywords and locations

Private Girls

The original Australian Private Escort site.  The go-to ad site for many of the older clients who like what they know rather than using Google

When I had an escort agency I occasionally represented independent escorts who do both their own independent bookings as well as bookings with Agency Atlantic.  Private Girls are fair and decent so they will allow a girl to be independent and also allowed to work with me which is the way it should be.  Escorts can decide for themselves how they wish to work & if I have no problem with it then how can an advertising site choose what is right for the escort?

An advertising site is for advertising – No advertising site should enforce rules that stop ladies for earning

See my blog named ‘forced to choose‘ where I talk about an ad site making a lady choose me or them…. It’s F8cked & unfair and the lady lost a considering amount of $$s due to this ad site.  Escorts should be allowed to have as many revenue streams as they wish and it should be a ladies choice how she wishes to work

If you are a new site & would like to be listed on this page please send me an email.

If your site is crap, I won’t be listing it & I do check the usability + DA & PA  (don’t know what those are then you should close your directory now lol)

Please Do not Spam my Twitter Feed or DM me as I do not receive twitter DM’s

Please note that I do not promote Scarlet Blue as a good advertising option for Escorts

Scarlet Blue is the sly fox of escort advertising in Australia

I, like many others, see them for what they are.  I have been around a long time and have watched them from the start creating themselves a monopoly

If a site is claiming to be ‘privates only’ they should at least ensure girls are actually private! Everyone is well aware that only a small percentage of Scarlet Blue advertisers are truly independent but SB do not care who is private and who is pimped.  It’s all about the money, honey!  Scarlet Blue are raking it in!

It would be easy to add an Escort Agency Category to Scarlet Blue and allow honest advertising but Scarlet Blue is greedy.

Scarlet Blue are fine with escorts giving a high percentage of their fee to a Pimp, Mentor, Madam, Manager or PA just as long as the same photos are not on an escort agency site.  They can make more money selling individual profiles rather than selling 1 profile that benefits a group.

SB wants agencies sites to come offline as they compete with SB on Google & also compete for clients.  If Agency Atlantic comes down I can buy a separate profile for every person we represent (damn that would be costly) but it would mean more money for SB lol

Read more on Australian Escort Marketing, smoke & mirrors

Scarlet Blue has vilified Escort Agencies so now agencies have been renamed as ‘mentors’ or ‘PA services’ or ‘Executive Assistants’. Agencies and Brothels can both buy profiles on SB as long the same details can’t be found on an Escort Agency Website. Its fine if the ladies are listed on brothels just not Agencies? Go figure lol

Escorts are afraid to speak against Scarlet Blue as this is a way to get kicked off the site as has happened to ladies in the past

I am not being a Bitter Betty because I can’t advertise

I don’t agree with the way they work, how they enforce their rules and take advantage of escorts

They are an advertising site so their role should be to do advertising & honest Advertising would be nice too 🙂

I have watched Scarlet Blue from when they started about 4 years ago (it looked like a copy of Jonslist but was a lot more basic).  They were smart in their marketing for the start but their site was average.  The ‘owner’ a former sex worker made girls escorts feel like they were a part of a community.

The site was pretty basic for about a year then it had some big changes, I assume it was a cash injection & new directors.  The site had new features created (coding is costly) & their SEO got good!

I must hand it whoever is behind the Scarlet Blue Brand & SEO strategy; They are Brilliant!

If you run through an SEO checklist of what a site needs to do well on Google, they have added all the things and they get their paid advertisers to do the work!

  • Whoever thought of charging a monthly fee for advertising and at the same time getting escorts to do your promotion for you is genius!
  • Having escorts write blogs of unique content for your site rather than paying a content write, Clever AF!
  • Getting girls allow you to spam their twitter feeds with photos promoting the Scarlet Blue brand.  Brilliant!
  • Setting up a website business where escorts can buy a website thinking they have their own website when it’s just another way to promote the Scarlet Blue Brand.  Very Smart!
  • Creating Categories & selling them to the highest bidder; a great revenue raiser!
    SB is so flooded with profiles that ladies were finding it hard to get noticed.  So Hooray SB helped by creating categories; FYI Categories are keywords which help Scarlet Blue’s SEO and help users search but it is a great way to raise revenue if you can get escorts to pay for them 🙂

The reason I do not say Scarlet Blue is a good advertising option is because they operate as an agency. They say they have clients and they gents to stay using Scarlet Blue rather than be a an advertising site that compliments an Escort’s Individual Escort Brand (I will blog on this very shortly) and the clients become a client of an escort

Scarlet Blue Advertising does not enhance your Escort Brand, it detracts from it!

Having your own site, using other ad sites and getting quality website Backlinks is the best long term strategy rather then helping Scarlet Blue with their monopoly

This list was updated 18 April 2018 – I have been blogging quite a bit on Escorts Ads, websites and SEO; check out the Escort Ads category 

No matter whether you are doing free ads or paid ads You need a website so clients can always find you