Escort Photos - Who owns them?

Escort Photos – Who owns them? The answer in a nutshell The photographer owns your escort photos It’s generally assumed that when you pay for Escort photos that you own the photos; legally that it is not the case The copyright to photos remains with the photographer. This means yourRead More →

International Escort Touring Tips

International Escort Touring Tips In the past year or two there is an increasing number of Australian Escorts promoting as ‘International Escorts’ You regularly see 20+ Australian escorts a month going to Hong Kong & Singapore with little more than 1 ad & Twitter Many are sent by or travellingRead More →

Escort Website Hosting

Escort Website Hosting Choosing web hosting can be very confusing as there is so many options out there but when you are looking for Escort Website Hosting its even more confusing. Not only do you need to read the T&Cs to see if Escort sites are allowed but as thereRead More →

Escort Blogs and websites I like to Read

Escort Blogs – it’s my blog 🙂  I read it & I write all but the guest posts 🙂 Escort Amanda Brookes – American Escort –  Author and International Escort Other helpful Sites and Blogs I post occasionally on which has a category for Sexwork which can be aRead More →

Australian Escort Ads

Australian Escort Ads I was writing a lot on about Australian Escort Ads and International Escort Advertising since the closure of Backpage The past year has been tough for everyone and quite confusing with the closure of many advertising sites due to the SESTA/FOSTA laws Some sites have trulyRead More →

Escort Photographers

Escort Photographers Australian Escort Photographers Karl Clifford I worked with Karl in Australia almost exclusively for 4 years. Karl is a great guy, easy going (surfer dude) and an absolute professional. He has shot with many magazines and knows his stuff Karl shoots beautiful photos, super fast in natural light. IRead More →

Grow Your Escort Business - Tools, Tips, Tricks and Resources

Grow you Escort Business Tools, Tips, Tricks and Resources to help grow your Escort Business in 2019 Running a successful adult services business is a lot of hard work! Having an Escort Business is not only time consuming, it can also be really confusing as there isn’t a lot ofRead More →

How Do Escort Clients Search?

What are Escort clients looking for? How are Escort clients looking? What makes an Escort client click a link in google? What makes them leave your website before your website loads? These days its hard to get noticed as there is just so many escorts available.  Your online strategy and EscortRead More →

Free Escort Ads

Free Escort Ads Where can I find free Escort Ads?   When I was running an International Escort Agency of course I would have to post and pay for ads but I found it a better long term strategy to focus my time and budget on my digital brand with SEO andRead More →

Atlantic FAQ - Questions and Answers

Atlantic FAQ Book an Escort Is there a location I can meet all the girls & decide when I meet them who I want to spend time with? No sorry we are not a brothel. Ladies are not on shift nor are they expected to sit and wait in ourRead More →

One of the best ways to get a feel of Australia’s culture is to check out a professional sporting event. While Australia is a relatively young and small country population wise, one might be surprised to learn that Australia has a strong and well developed sporting culture. If you findRead More →

While the culture of thick bearded barmen handing over pints of delicious craft beers may have originated in America, it hasn’t taken long for the Aussies to catch up. And can anyone really be surprised? There’s no doubt that beer is loved down under so it was always only aRead More →

Private Beaches in and Around Sydney As a Sydney native, it makes me cringe every time I see a TV spot talking about Bondi beach as if that’s THE beach to hit. Don’t get me wrong. I love Bondi. What bothers me is that it does overshadow all the privateRead More →

Atlantic Escort Management PA, VA and Escort mentoring

Opening Agency Atlantic Australia We are Opening Agency Atlantic Australia new Office March 1 2013 Lots of new girls & some boys too 🙂 Boys & Girls, please get in touch if you are looking to work with an agency that truly cares about you. Where you are treated asRead More →