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Atlantic FAQ Book an Escort Is there a location I can meet all the girls & decide when I meet them who I want to spend time with? No sorry we are not a brothel. Ladies are not on shift nor are they expected to sit and wait in ourRead More →

One of the best ways to get a feel of Australia’s culture is to check out a professional sporting event. While Australia is a relatively young and small country population wise, one might be surprised to learn that Australia has a strong and well developed sporting culture. If you findRead More →

While the culture of thick bearded barmen handing over pints of delicious craft beers may have originated in America, it hasn’t taken long for the Aussies to catch up. And can anyone really be surprised? There’s no doubt that beer is loved down under so it was always only aRead More →

Private Beaches in and Around Sydney As a Sydney native, it makes me cringe every time I see a TV spot talking about Bondi beach as if that’s THE beach to hit. Don’t get me wrong. I love Bondi. What bothers me is that it does overshadow all the privateRead More →

Atlantic Escort Management PA, VA and Escort mentoring

Opening Agency Atlantic Australia We are Opening Agency Atlantic Australia new Office March 1 2013 Lots of new girls & some boys too 🙂 Boys & Girls, please get in touch if you are looking to work with an agency that truly cares about you. Where you are treated asRead More →