Escort Blogs and websites I like to Read

Escort Blogs – it’s my blog 🙂  I read it & I write all but the guest posts 🙂

Escort Amanda Brookes – American Escort –  Author and International Escort

Other helpful Sites and Blogs

I post occasionally on which has a category for Sexwork which can be a good read

I spend time each week reading Reddit, and various Escort Forums.

Escort Forums (Punterplanet, TER etc) members are primarily men so be prepared for some harsh comments and very revolting posts that can be hard to stomach. Men can be pigs!

Escort Client Forums can be useful to read some client perspective and whether you agree or not, posts can be helpful even if it’s to learn what type of clients you never wish to meet.

In my opinion the more you read and learn the better equipped you to handle all situations is a site I read occasionally as it has some interesting blogs but some of them are stupid like the one they did on deposits & why clients shouldn’t pay them….

Not exactly Industry friendly right? but just like Escort Client Forums they can provide a bit of extra stuff you may not know about

Even after almost 2 decades in this biz, I don’t know everything and spend time every week reading up on industry news.

I spend at least 1 hr a day reading technology & SEO blogs lol  Escort SEO , Brand and Websites are my core business so any articles on Sarahs2cents are well researched

Why do I write

Sarahs 2 cents was originally started as a category on The Agency Atlantic Blog then moved to it’s own domain I now include my own blogs as well as guest blogs by friends and industry experts

I began blogging as a form of catharsis.  I was getting very upset by the lies and rumours I would hear about myself since I went to Australia. Australia is the most bitchy, brutal & nasty industry I have experienced & I have been judged harshly & unfairly just because my website had the word ‘agency’ in it.

Its funny since closing my agency & starting a digital agency I am now more palatable to the Australian Industry even tho I do the same work I have always done lol

This industry has always been full of gossip but prior to social media we all gossiped over wine with no real harm done 🙂

Hearing gossip is 1 thing but seeing it in print or being bullied online, that’s something that I have found very hard to handle

On Social Media, fake news and lies can spread like wildfire and are taken as gospel.  Just because someone popular shares a story doesn’t mean it’s true.  As the saying goes:

There is 3 sides to every story my side, your side and the truth

On numerous occasions I have been bulled online by Australian Sex workers.

Sarahs2cents lets me have my say, even if nobody reads it makes me feel better by venting on my blog

I once commented on a Twitter thread that it is illegal to work in Singapore unless you have a work visa.  Apparently that was enough to rip into me, I had many girls I didn’t know block me & call me nasty names….

When I commented on a Reddit forum thread that new directories were capitalising on the closure of Backpage, I was called many names & bullied once again by Australian Sexworkers on Twitter.

I had to laugh when on of the girls involved in the directory DMed me to have a go at me. She said that they had seized the opportunity of the Backpage closure to start a website; they weren’t capitalising….

Capitalise means seize an opportunity…. check the dictionary, they mean the same thing ha

There is plenty of proof that they did indeed capitalise.  For starters their domain registration date is the day Backpage was seized but ho-hum it best I leave that alone or I will get bullied again for sure!

According to a bitchy post on Reddit I am jealous of new directories…

No, I am definitely not jealous of any escort classified or directory especially not one created with an OSCclass Free classified or any other free or cheap template/theme site to be brutally honest.  I can throw one of those sites up myself for $50 or less in a few hours or so..

I develop in WordPress. WordPress powers 30% of the worlds websites. Anyone can make a simple site in wordpress with some free time, youtube tutorials, $5 a month hosting and a free WP theme

You don’t need to pay developers, project managers or innovators unless you need them

WordPress is used to power sites that have cost upwards of $100,000

I admire Web developers and innovators in the any industry but especially in the adult industry.  There is a lot of roadblocks with adult sites which you don’t encounter with non-adult Web Development

Escort sites like Available Angels were created with vision, creativity, a lot of hard work, a lot of time and money.

I think what Eden (the owner) has achieved is fantastic and I love seeing the new things she adds to the site.  Eden innovates and other people copy her, that’s pretty cool 🙂

Imitation is a form of flattery

A few years back I had an idea that I thought would work.  I researched it, I wrote a spec and showed a mate who is a cyber-security expert.

He said the idea was cool but it would cost me in excess of $4000 a month for the level of secure & web hosting I would need…

Then there was the hundreds of hours I would need to spend on the project & also the expense of paying for experts to help create my vision.  I lacked the motivation & the time but if anyone with top tech skills wants to project manage or invest feel free to contact me ha

I originally wrote this post prior to creating a directory called

I have loved Sarahs2cents to test SEO theories and learn more about Technical SEO. Not only only did I get to test my SEO theories with Sarahs2cents, my blogs helped me have a voice.

The past few months I have been blogging a lot on advertising options and I know that these blogs have help many ladies in the current hard time of SESTA/FOSTA/CLOUD.

I have received some really lovely messages from USA Sex workers so I will continue with articles on websites until someone upsets me then I will do a new personal ranty one again haha

Anyone who knows me well knows I am very passionate (slightly obsessed) with SEO.  I wouldn’t say I am an expert (IMHO the only expert on Google is Google lol) but I do have many years experience in IT & SEO.

A lot of what I read from Escort Directories tweeting about SEO is b*llsh*t, if you want to learn more about SEO follow me on twitter(@AgencyAtlantic) I regularly retweet good SEO articles.

If SEO is something that interests you, give me a follow & you can learn more about the mystery of SEO. SEO is the biggest time drain of my life but I love it! If you don’t have a love & passion for it I offer SEO services for Escort sites in wordpress.

If you have a site in Wix or SquareSpace I am happy to consult with you on Escort Brand & SEO theories but neither platform has enough SEO capability for me to take you on as an ongoing client