Escort SEO

Are you an escort businesses looking for a competitive edge?

One of the big problems I find with offering SEO to the escort industry is that SEO is often an afterthought.

One of the worst parts of my work is telling new clients, if they wish to increase their business with Escort SEO, the site they recently paid thousands of dollars will either need a lot of re-development or in some cases, need to be recreated.

I also find there is a great lack of education available to help people learn and decide on what makes a great escort website. I don’t know of any sites other than my own blog Sarahs2cents that openly discusses Escort marketing and other Escort Industry related topics.

Most blogs I find are 1 or 2 pages written to sell products not to educate on Escort SEO, Marketing and other vital topics to help Escort business succeed. Often the information I read on Escort SEO is incorrect, google changes daily & what may have worked last month or last year, no longer applies.

Looking for an Escort Website or SEO?

Often Twitter or Facebook groups discussions are how Escort find recommendations for website creators, where friendly customer service, price or prettiness are the deciding factors rather than technical expertise.

I use the term website creator as many of the offerings for Escort websites are neither designers nor developers and in today’s highly competitive market, you need a web solution that is a both technical skill and Escort SEO know-how.

A website developer who has SEO skills or if you have a big budget like they do in the corporate world you can pay a complete team of graphic designer, UX designer, web developer, brand guru and technical SEO 🙂

Website Designers are graphic designers so often have a less technical and a more graphic based approach to websites that in many case isn’t needed as Escorts have their own graphics (photos, logo etc).

Years ago I had a developer do a great site for me. He was a grumpy old thing who built to SEO best practises, I did my own Escort SEO and the site was indexed quickly and ranked incredibly well using white hat SEO techniques. Boy did that site make some coin!

The main purpose of a website is to increase business

Also increase your brand and also of course, your earnings.

A website is not an extra ad, it’s should be your crowning glory, the masterpiece of your brand and business

A pretty site done with a template may be a bargain for only $500 but its not much use if nobody sees the site except those people who click a link in twitter or an advertisement.

Often the package deals make up their low buy in cost with high priced hosting. At Atlantic our clients have their own hosting accounts with Siteground. By using our link you too can host for just $4.95 a month

All website are not created equal

A site that is created using Google best practises will rank on search engines and bring you a clients using google site rather than hobbyist trawling ad & review sites. Clients who find you through your unique website that is tailor made for you and your unique business.

Companies selling escort websites often have pretty portfolios and great package deals. These can look like bargains but often when you ask for something you are upsold to ‘custom’ before you bat your lashes.

What may have started out as a good deal or even a bargain turns into a costly website that is your personal taste. Google may not share your personal taste nor enjoy the poor coding of the site you adore.

Many escorts businesses are created by choosing a website template the owner finds visually pleasing and not realising that is not the best way to do things if they wish to rank high on google.

Unfortunately whilst they sites may be graphically very pretty, without a lot of work & additional cost they won’t index & to get to page 1 they may need to be recreated in line with google best practises.

All SEO’s are not created equal

I love the saying ‘all experts were once a beginner’ and whilst some who I have worked with tout me as an expert, SEO moves daily so I often feel like a beginner.

I am an experienced Escort SEO and know the SEO goal posts move every day, the only way to stay on top of SEO is daily reading, research and testing. Some days I am overwhelmed I have done it for years. Its not simple, it’s actually really hard to achieve and keep your google rankings. Its daily work to stay in the top spots on SERPs

When you pay for professional SEO services you are paying for expertise and experience that will enhance your online business. You are increasing your market share and hopefully decreasing that of your competitors.

Escort SEO does not guarantee you a page 1 position 1 for the keyword of your choice.

Escort SEO will increase your brand, business and bank balance

In 2019 Google wants your site to be the best technology possible! Everything from a website code to the hosting, can make a difference to your SEO gains

Unfortunately it’s highly unlikely (near impossible) that a poorly developed site with rank page 1 position 1 on google for any competitive keyword

SEO is Strategic

First and foremost when creating a strong SEO strategy for your Escort Brand, you website should be developed search engine optimised and also for your individual business needs

The website and marketing need be aligned with your overall business goals.

Your Escort SEO strategy is developed to attract the traffic most likely to convert into revenue-generating customers for your business.

Having visitors to your website is good. Having visitors who are likely to want what you are offering is far better.

A good SEO strategy doesn’t focus simply on bringing visitors to your website. It focuses on bringing the right visitors for your unique escort brand and business

Your strategy will depend on the intent and purpose of your business and the goals you are aiming for.

You will also tailor your SEO strategy according to the type of website you plan to build.

The foundation of an Escort SEO website design is a clear vision of what action you want your visitors to take

For example, some escort agencies will want gents to view their gallery, others may want them to phone and chat. An Independent Touring Escorts website optimisation requirements will be different to an Independent who doesn’t tour

A Search Engine optimised website design is not for ranking but for visitors to your site

Google best practises are people best practises so an SEO website design will attract people through search engines and keep them on the site (dwell time is a ranking factor)

At Atlantic we don’t design purely for search engine rankings but we kinda do 🙂

We work with our clients website vision and include on page SEO, off page SEO & Technical SEO. We build responsive with a focus on mobile. Mobile is how google indexs & also the majority of client view sites from their mobile.

Our clients websites not only keep visitors on the site and returning to the site, they generate enthusiasm for our clients brand.

Brand Queries are the Top Tip I have for SEO in 2019