Escort Website and Brand

Every business these days has a website.  If you are an Independent Escort you are a business so its important to show you are a legitimate business and are also that you are truly Independent.   The best way to do that is with your own Escort Website and Escort Brand

A website is a tax deduction but more importantly a website shows potential clients you are a legitimate business, truly Independent and also you own what you put on your website!

When you post on an advertising site, the site owns your content! If you arewriting amazing content for them you could also be helping the advertising sites google rankings; Google ranks each page on a website not the site as a whole

Stop giving your hard earned dollars to premium advertising sites rather than spend those dollars on their own unique Escort Website, brand and marketing strategy

Using Ads sites is easier and takes less time but in the long run it’s a detriment to your Independent Escort Brand.

  • If an advertising site disappears, how will clients find you?
  • What happens if Twitter stops allowing Adult content?

As we saw with the closure of Backpage in April 2018, relying on 1 site for all your advertising can be problematic and for many it was an utter catastrophe!

Escort Website Platforms

You can have a simple 1 page website with your name as the domain such as   – I would add domain privacy to my domain too as this hides your personal details from the internet

I outline how to set up a website on my blog Escort Website Hosting

For Hosting & domain names I suggest you go with Siteground.  They have great customer service & are fast!  Site Speed is very important for your website as google indexs mobile first and speed is a very important ranking factor for SEO

If you have technical skills WordPress is great – the cheapest Siteground wordpress hosting is about $5 a month and that’s all you really need for your own site.  

If you struggle with websites or not sure how to set it up – We offer does a 1 page site including hosting set up for $500

Stop promoting advertising sites; you pay them to promote you!

Using an advertisement link as your Social Media website link doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. You pay an advertising site to send you clients so why do you send those clients back to the advertising site?

We are all unique BUT when a guy is looking at a website & there is 10 brunettes with similar pics & blurred faces; his little brain (his non-thinking one lol) doesn’t read or follow instructions on ads he just calls and that call may be to someone other you.

Sending a client back to an advertising site gives him a whole new range of options to choose from.

Some guys will send out an SMS to everyone on the ad site that is their type & see who he likes from SMS chit chat.  SMS chit chat is such a waste of time – unpaid labour

By having your own unique website you attract clients who will see your uniqueness

Gents who want to get to know you a better

Your Escort website tells potential clients; I am a professional! I am not a fly-by-night lady on a quick money grab; I am a professional escort providing a professional service and my Escort Website is proof.

List your terms & conditions, have clients read them and agreeing before engaging your services

Advertising sites ads are a template; the ad site controls what content you can put on their site. On your own site you can put whatever you wish!

Terms for deposits and other information can be clearly listed so there is no misinterpretation of how you operate. 

Miscommunication with can occur when you SMS with a client but if you have a website you can make things very clear.

Your Escort Website and Escort Brand helps you stand out from the crowd and proves you are both independent and a business and in control of your own destiny!

Escort Website Design

If you need help with a new website or you would like your current website upgraded please check out our Services & pricing page; If you like what you see please get in touch